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How do we improve on our ProXision bibshort? This is how.

The ultimate in bibshort freedom. Fitted with a chamois ergonomically and anatomically shaped to better suit your body and uppers that merge with your body form. This is like no other bib available and we firmly believe its unbeatable in performance and price. You have to try one.



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Enjoy’s latest Climber bibshort is made from a 220gsm Italian imported lycra (Sustain Max™) which offers a compression like feel aimed at reducing muscle movement during periods of high intensity. The bibshort featuring flat lock stitching technology and the latest developments in European pad construction has been designed to reduce heat build up and improve performance during periods of high exertion.

To achieve this a unique cross over (X-over) design has been applied to the microfibre support straps offering maximum ventilation, minimising fabric usage and greatly reducing the multilayering of fabrics. The front of the bibshort is also low by design and includes a 4 way stretch lightweight microfibre polyester fabric which runs into the crotch area for improved flex and reduced heat buildup.

The Phantom chamois selected for the bibshort is made from Elite microfibre antibacterial fabric and features a patented mesh conch shaped insert in the front for improved fit. Shaped using the latest 3D carving technology to greatly reduce the amount of foam results in a pad that offers significant stretch and comfort. Two foam densities are used in the construction with a 14mm high density (85kg/m³) foam providing excellent support and cushioning for the ischiatic (sit) bone area which reduces down to an 11mm profile through the perineal zone. A 4mm mid density (65kg/m³) perforated foam is applied to the middle layer of the pad which ensures comfort and assists in the prevention of moisture build up.

The bibshort is finished with 70mm printable siliconed leg elastic and reflective detailing for improved visibility.



• 220gsm Italian imported lycra (Sustain Max™)
• Microfibre X-over support straps
• European imported Phantom chamois featuring 3D carving technology
• Flat lock stitching for improved comfort
• 70mm printable leg elastics with heat resistant silicon
• Reflective detailing


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