Mens Bundle Deals

A range of options to elevate your kit game.
Go basic for all the functionality
you will ever need or pick one of our
seasonal mens cycling clothing bundles
to turn a few heads.

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Winter Full Bundle

R4,900.00 incl VAT

Semester Regulator Bundle

R900.00 incl VAT

Winter Medium Bundle

R2,800.00 incl VAT

Avena Full Bundle

R3,400.00 incl VAT

Retro Cycle Caps – Pack of 3

R550.00 incl VAT

Winter Light Bundle

R2,050.00 incl VAT

Insulator & Regulator Bundle

R1,250.00 incl VAT

Avena Medium Bundle

R2,300.00 incl VAT

Armwarmer & Legwarmer Bundle

R725.00 incl VAT

Avena Light Bundle

R1,650.00 incl VAT

Emotif Regulator Bundle

R675.00 incl VAT
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