Ladies Accessories

To complete the look the Enjoy range of
on-bike and travel/stage race cycling accessories
are ideal for all of your cycling adventures.

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Mono Cuffed Armwarmers

R525.00 incl VAT

Contrast Dual Armwarmers

R525.00 incl VAT

Emotif Cargo Regulator

R525.00 incl VAT

Out There Retro Cycle Cap

R235.00 incl VAT

Avena DriFit Cycle Cap

R255.00 incl VAT

Avena White Neckwarmer

R175.00 incl VAT

Flora Neckwarmer

R175.00 incl VAT

Out There Neckwarmer

R175.00 incl VAT

Insulator & Regulator Bundle

R1,250.00 incl VAT

Semester Regulator Bundle

R900.00 incl VAT

Armwarmer & Legwarmer Bundle

R725.00 incl VAT

Emotif Regulator Bundle

R675.00 incl VAT
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